the wonderful, wacky world of Sassy Saguaros

Sassy Saguaros Author

Meet the Author
Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan, explorer and photographer, has lived in the Sonoran Desert for over 40 years. Steve is now retired and devoted to sharing the beauty-and “sass”-of the famous Saguaro cactus.

Steve Ryan spent years hiking and biking the beautiful Southwest Sonoran Desert, suffering more flat tires than he can count in his search for Saguaros that had something to say. Sassy Saguaros features the photographs he took of the most interesting subjects-based on their looks and personalities-and the hilarious captions he added. 

I was never willing to settle for any Saguaro that wasn’t so unique that any person wouldn’t have to say “Wow, I’ve never seen a Saguaro that looks anything like that”.  I never considered any Saguaro that I could assign a usual description to.   The Saguaro had to be totally unique and unlike anything anybody has ever seen to make the book.  I never looked at a cactus and said to myself, “Ok, think of a funny caption”.   Quite to the contrary, every Saguaro featured in my book was selected because when I first saw it, the caption raced through my mind automatically and made me laugh out loud, even while alone in the desert.  Yes, they had to be that funny.  My goal was always to locate Saguaros that were “one of a kind” and uniquely expressive as to the caption I  assigned to it.

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