Sassy Saguaros Book Reviews

No doubt, saguaros are magnificent and interesting plants, but now they have something to say. The great pictures and clever captions keep you laughing. I don’t think I’ll look at a saguaro in quite the same way again. Great gift idea

Saguaros with personality Review by Susan T

The book says it’s about sassy saguaros, and it delivers. If I had any complaint, it would only be that the saguaros are perhaps TOO sassy, but that’s impossible.

Pretty much what it says it is. Review by OxfordComma

I have been in love with Saguaros since the old cowboy movies. And then moving to Arizona in 1975 I had the opportunity to backpack through this wonderful desert. Steve Ryan has done an amazing job of photographing the Saguaros and then putting names to them. One if the funniest books I’ve seen about shapes of cactus.

Great Gift for Employee Recognition Review by Bill S

Sassy Saguaros has laugh out loud captions and pictures. When driving throughout the southwest, we’ve often remarked how each saguaro is different and laughed at their unique sizes and shapes. This clever book captures that spirit. This would make a great gift for someone who loves the scenery of Arizona and the southwest.

Funny and clever Review by Muspe74

This book is absolutely hilarious. The pictures and captions either make you laugh out loud or go “Aww, how cute”. The perfect holiday gift for friends and family in Arizona or, even better, for Arizonans to send to their friends and families outside Arizona. The book shows how “fun” and beautiful Arizona is.

The perfect holiday gift for friends and family in Arizona Review by Arizona native